My Skincare Regime! + HK Sneak Peek

Hi! Finally I get to update this blog! =)
Sorry everyone, I am being too lazy..
Oh, and today (16 March 2009) MAC Hello Kitty collection just came out!
Yeah, I KNOW its sooooo late, and the prices are almost twice US' prices.
How ridiculous is that? STILL, I managed to buy four hello kitty items, which I will mention in the next post (since they haven't arrived anyway, i only have pinkfish now). Enough chit chat, now straight onto my skincare regime!

My skin is not perfect, like everyone said. I use make up especially BB Cream and concealer too ( Im only human ;D) But, like I promise - I will list my daytime and night skincare regime!


1. Cleanser : SKYENDOR AQUATHERM Thermal Cleansing Gel

My dermatologist suggested this cleanser for me 1 year ago, and I am really glad I use this product. Doesn't contain oil, my favorite cleanser ever, I used to use the whole SK-II products, but I love this more than SK-II cleansing foam. Perfect for sensitive face (like mine) and my face feels fresh afterwards - and it's quite big! Last time I finished 1 bottle in about 5 months time? Not bad huh? Rate : 4.5/5

2. Toner : ETTUSAIS Medicated Acne AQUA SHOOTER (oil control)

It claims to prevent future acne, and all that stuff. For me it's just a regular toner really.. But It makes my skin feels tight and refreshed. I need better toner I guess? Rate : 3.5/5

3. Moisturizer : DDFmed Oil Free Moisturizing Gel

To moisturize skin and stimulate cell growth, this was also recommended by my dermatologist. It's oil free, and RIGHT AFTER you apply (small bottle, but you really need only a pea size amount) it to your face, it will absorb so QUICKLY! Your skin will feel supple , not that sticky feeling you get from other moisturizers. Love this! Rate : 5/5

4. Sunblock : ETTUSAIS Medicated Acne Whitening UV SPF 24

Love this one, its sunscreen + pre makeup base! Not sticky at all (quite runny), perfect for acne prone skin. It also claims to treat acne , prevent acne , and lighten acne scars. I think it works. There is no Ettusais store in Sydney, I bought this in a Japanese Store which cost me 60 bucks, but I love it! BB Cream glides on my skin easily - cuz this stuff makes my skin smooth. Rate : 4/5

That's all for my morning skincare regime, after that I usually use BB Cream ( currently im using MISSHA Perfect Cover #23 ) , and Prescriptives Camouflage Cream ( best concealer EVER, my hg) , lastly topped it off with Anna Sui Loose Powder in 701.

Now onto my Nightime regime! I always do this at night before I sleep =)
1. Cleanser : SKYENDOR AQUATHERM Thermal Cleansing Gel
2. Moisturizer : DDFmed Oil Free Moisturizing Gel

3. SK - II Whitening Source

I love it. I think it whitens my skin and supposed to lighten your scars I think? But it also reduce redness. Its a bit sticky, and after I applied to my skin it will feel sooo smooth and soo nice, especially when I wake up in the morning - will be super smooth =) Rate : 4.5/5

4. Night Creme : PAYOT Les Revitalisantes CREME DE REVES

A French skincare brand. It prepares stressed skin to repair, regenerate, and relax in the night and its purple! (lavender essential oil) Smells SOOO GOOD, but the bottle is so small, but its worth the money! I don't know how to explain this, but it will make your face look dewy I guess. I really love it. Rate : 4.5/5

Thats all! Just ask me If you have any question, you know what to do!
OH and im in need of Undereye Cream, because my undereye circles are REALLY bad.
I have to apply tons of concealer in the morning to cover my tiredness. Help?

Oh and here's some pic spam haha ;D
Me using Pinkfish from hello kitty collection!
With my dog , kuma! (Japanese Spitz x Pomeranian)

So ugly, this is why i never smile with my mouth open.. rabbit tooth.

I love koji eyelashes! they are so natural!

Oh here, more singing cover from me!
Koda Kumi - Real Emotion ( from the Final Fantasy X-2 PS2 Game, yeah im a total game geek esp ff series). I made a lot of mistakes, and the second chorus lyrics are repeated.. my bad.

Click here to listen!

Thanks for reading

P.S. : To Miumiu, Heaven by Ayumi Hamasaki is a bit hard but I will try to sing it for you


Anonymous said...

cant wait to see your HK stuff <33

Anonymous said...

What a cute and innocent look, hihi... ;)

MiuMiu said...

i wish i had a dog! when i move out back in canada, I'll definitely get one. kuma is so poofy!
i've always wanted to try ettusais products, but dunno why i never got it. maybe i should get the sunscreen primer next time XD
would it be cheaper for you to order the HK items online? that's crazy...double the price @__@

miemiemie said...

what!? your teeth look fine!

Miss Yaya said...

ur dog is too cute. i stopped doing beauty stuff at night b/c i get so tired but i need to start doing it again lol

shika said...

i use SK II products too, i love their masks. i like the natural eyelashes, i hate the plasticy fake looking ones lol

✿Ji✿ said...

Wow you really do a lot for your skin!
Maybe I should start using different lotions/moisturizers soon...I kind of only use one moisturizer.

Love your dog, it´s uber cute!♥
And you really look pretty when you smile, no rabbit tooth!;)

Yes sometimes I feel kind of weird here, because there aren´t really a lot of foreigners where I live...we have a lot of students though...

It had been snowing last week, but it´s somehow a bit warmer now I guess?^^

Ah and my soulmate lives quite far away (5 hours with the car)...we meet each other about once in a month,cause it´s too expensive!:(

How are you doing right now?^^ Studies all right?

. said...

Aaah you're so pretty when you smile =D

Woah. That IS a late release! I can't believe that... I was complaining about how late we got our MAC HK!

I love Pink Fish! It looks lovely on you! I went and bought Popster as well today because the liptints are lovely.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

you are the cutest thing ever! i have rabbit teeth too & don't like to show my teeth either but you look cute either way! thanks for the review too, the sk ii sounds great!

ps i've given you an award :)


. said...

Prices are almost double!! Gyaaaah~! I usually complain about the prices of makeup in England but woah T_T

I like the orange-ness of Popster xD

I don't mind teens so much, it's more that they're chavs. I don't know if you're familiar with the term but they're a very big PEST and problem in England and some of europe.

Anonymous said...

i love your rabbit tooth.. hehehe..
anyway.. u look pretty honey <3


Anonymous said...

I agree - your teeth look just fine!

Anonymous said...

My under eye circles are pretty bad also because i've never really cared enough to use any creams or serums.

Though I did go through a small phase where I was convinced that I HAD to fix them. :] In that phase I only tried two products. One was the garnier under eye roller thing which is pretty good. When I first came out it was pretty much sold out everywhere where I lived, even ONLINE! And I tried the face shop's under eye serum which does nothing. And it wasn't cheap either. Good Luck!

Oh btw, i heart your blog! :D

eki said...

your singing is amazing sounds just like koda kumi :3 japanese sounded perfect~ you looks so kawaii n your hair is dolly I love it~

✿Ji✿ said...

I have really really dry skin, it´s so cold here in Germany!!! I´d love to try out some other products, but I just can´t spend 40-60 bucks for one cream!*sob*
Wow when did you start with skin care/make up? I didn´t care about my skin with 16 at all!XDD#

Dogs are smart! And your dog is especially cute!<3 Maybe he´ll learn even more when you teach him?^^

Haha so cute "ich liebe dich", I always thought that all girls want to have honeymoon in Paris?♥

You have NEVER seen snow? That´s sounds so weird to me, cause we have snow almost 3 months a year! My favorite season actually is winter, but right now I´d like to have some sunny days!<3

That´s sad...Do you see her sometimes? My soulmate is going to live in Indonesia for one year...that´s quite hard.

Still hating school that bi***!XD
I really wanted to ask you on thing. What do you actually study?

Irisa Xiong said...

but your smile is so cuteee...
you look like a flawless doll when you're looking down... and yeah i agree those eyelashes look so natural!

pandablush said...

Enteneu - there is no post comment button in ur blog O_O i will reply here instead hehe. thanks for reading my blog, ur blog is also interesting. i love the lip scrub thing,i will def. try it. hehe garnier roll on? i heard its good but i donno where to buy? i will try to get it =) cuz my darkeye circles are bad.....

Missy said...

where do u buy all ur products from??
i live in australia too! but the products dont sound ver familiar at all..

pandablush said...

Missy -
I bought the SK-II from aussie (david joned ) but the others i bought it from my dermatologist =)

Anonymous said...

Hello (:
you are absolutely lovely!
and your blog is very helpful so thanks for posting ^^ !
do you mind if i ask id you got your hair done at a salon or died it at home? and if you died it at home do you mind sharing what you used? :D
your hair color is lovely on your 3.16.2009 post !
thank you <33

aquaracer said...

hi there, new reader here :)

i think you're soooo pretty! and u don't have a rabbit tooth so keep smilin'! :)

SHIZUKA said...

oh man your so gorgeous :) love love x

sb said...

is that really good? but your skin is not so sensitive that has a lot of pimple I think.. what about the other skyendor products, like the cream, is that good??

Obaging said...

Thanks for sharing your beauty secrets! They seem really effective considering how lovely you look and how beautiful your skin is. I'm going to check the products out and see if they work for me as nicely as they do for you.

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