My Everyday Look!

Hi again! Today I will show you my everyday / college make up =)
I always keep it simple, I never use eyeshadow for school, I find it too much of a hassle.
Especially because I have morning class (8.30) until so late in the evening, which is 6.30 p.m.!
I know, its even longer than high school hours -_-
I only use these following items :

1. MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream #23
* My favorite BB Cream ever. Less oilier than Skinfood, and yellower than BRTC ( BRTC is too pink ). I bought in shade #23 because I was afraid #21 is too light for me.

2. ANNA SUI Loose Powder 701
* My favorite loose powder. Smells so nice ! ( well, all Anna Sui products do )

3. ANNA SUI Powder Foundation 701
* I love this! It comes with a purple sponge. So small and handy, I use this to set my BB cream
4. NARS Orgasm Blush
* My favorite blush ever. IMO, better than my mac and chanel blushes. The only con is that It kinda shatters everywhere - not recommended If you want to define your cheekbones.

5. STILA #31 Retractable Brush
* I use it for powder brush, but the guy at MECCA counter said it can also be used for blush. It's pretty good!

6. BLOOM Lip Tint in Cinnamon
* My favorite lip product! I've emptied 2 lip tints, and this is my third. Love it! So natural looking and fresh!- because I don't really like to use lipsticks.. Haha. Can't leave my house without this.

7. MAC Gel Liner in Blacktrack
* I love it, but sometimes I switch to my Dior Waterproof Pencil liner too. But this doesn't really smudge.. and hard to remove!

8. MAC Brush #266
* Use this with the gel liner, great for winged eye look.

9. Deja Vu Fiberwig Mascara
* Do I need to say more about this product? Absolutely love it. My third bottle!

10. Shu Uemura Lash Curler
* Greatest ever =) Love it.

And this is the finished look!
Oh, and I try to avoid lining my lower lashline with eyeliner because I'm afraid it will smudge - I look at computers all the time which makes my eyes go watery..

Left is without BB cream and all that,
And right is my usual school look! ( both with damp hair LOL, haven't blow dry my hair..)
Sorry If It's too blur! Is it too pale this shade?
I was in a hurry U_U
But in the future, I will include step to step! ( I warn you, I am sooper noob.)




Anonymous said...

I forgot my blogspot sn HAHA!
But it's nice to see you post your blog in your sig on soompi, so I came to check it out.

You look so sweet hehe.

BB cream is usually too pale on the majority of people anyway.
I think you look fine as long it's not like you are a ghost face ;D

purple snowflake said...

Hey Fei...
nice post and you tell me you donno what to post?? I love the bb cream too... and ur eyes look so big ~~~ I want ur eyes ...@___@

miemiemie said...

omg you are so pretty i hate you hahaha :) i'm a minimalist too and i hardly wear eyeshadows..only when needed, like going to the grocery.,haha just kidding. i'm so hyper today i have no idea why..but the bb cream isn't too light on you..it usually settles to our real shade throughout the day right? i don't line my lower line too..i'm afraid it'll smudge -_-

pandablush said...

Namine -
HAHA how can that happen xD? Well thank you xD glad i posted it hehe. free advertising ^^; yeah, and its shade23! not 21.. i think i will look like a ghost if i use 21. and the missha girl sed i should wear 21.. -_-

Purple snowflake -
weiiiii! I donno what to post srzly..
haha i learn from the best~ from u!
lucky i found ur blog! i have no idea ur so pro wei~

im so ugly without make up! -_- my dark circles.. i look like zombies. i think its heredity.. got it since i was small LOL. i have such noob skill for eyeshadows, my eyes are small -_- yeah but if i use bb without blush i look undead..

MiuMiu said...

i loovve the dejavu mascara too! it's the only one that doesn't smudge or anything.
i don't line my lower lashline either, but it's because i think i look weird..and cuz things tend to smudge on me easily =p

pandablush said...

yeah i agree! ^^ Its so natural looking!
oh sometimes if i go out i do line my lower lashline.. but only halfway, it looks my eyes bigger xD

Chiara said...

how cute :] You have really cute soft features! I hope to see more posts from you! :D I've followed you :]

✿Ji✿ said...

You have a perfect face, even without any make up!:)

Anonymous said...

i love this blog sooo cute.

you have amazing cheek bones!

shu uemura, woe everyone keeps mentioning this i reallllly need to try .

keep up the good work!

fuzkittie said...

*whistles* You're SO PRETTY!! I loooove it, haha. Will stalk you now..

Anonymous said...

I too will stalk ur blog.
You are so cute! Are you Japanese?

cheryl said...

hi there i'm stopping by cos of purple snowflake. i like your blog!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

does anyone mentioned u looks lke Rainie Yang ? is pretty n cute...

pandablush said...

cheryl - thanks! shes my friend from sydney ^^ her blog is awesome too!

synaesthesla - no one mentioned tht @_@ maybe just my fringe?

Unknown said...

What type of skin do you have? I've been wanting to try BB creams for the longest time but I'm scared it'll make me break out or look weird, b/c it doesn't have awesome reviews on makeupalley.

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