M.A.C Hello Kitty Lippies and Anna Sui

As I promised ages ago, here are some hello kitty stuff i purchased and I will swatch it on my lips!
Sorry sorry, I know you guys are bored of HK stuff, but here is mine.

I only bought 4 stuff because the other stuff didn't appeal to me that much..
And I personally think the make up case is quite tacky..
I still prefer my black Anna Sui case! ( But its easy to get dirty since its made of suede.. I think? )
Anyways enough chit chat! I will swatch you my new anna sui gloss too here.

1. Popster TLC
2. Pinkfish TLC
3. Cutester Lipstick
4. Mimmy Lipglass
5. Anna Sui 701 Gloss
6. Anna Sui M 02 Gloss

Here is the picture of my original lips, and theyre quite pigmented already.. I think haha.

And here with Popster! I say this is my favorite! Looks kissable and natural! It looks bright in the pot, but its quite sheer. Depends how you put it i think.

And here is pinkfish. Not very fond of it.. Even though its a cute nude color.I look dead with it.. But I think this will look good with smoky eyes?

Cutester! Its a pretty color BUT I kinda regret buying it, its really sheer, super sheer. I shouldve bought Big Bow.. Seriously.. This looks like a lipbalm haha. (sorry blur)

Mimmy, I quite like this, its okay I guess.

Here are the ANNA SUI ones.

Left is 701, Right is M 02.
Anna Sui Gloss in 701, my favorite of them all. Smells good, a lot of gold shimmer, but not too much. LOVE IT.

Fell for the packaging but ...it is an okay color.

As you can see theyre all similar haha.. Maybe because I didnt put a lot?
I always try to stay away from putting a lot of gloss cuz its sticky, and when wind blows my hair will go everywhere INCLUDING on my lips and will stick HAHA.

I always fall for light pink colors, so all of my lipsticks and lipglosses look similar. -_-

What do you think the best MAC Lipstick for asian like me? Preferably the noticable ones. Help me! Hehe.
And here's pic of me.. the most recent one, without circle lenses (usually i ALWAYS wear circle lenses haha.. cant leave house without em.)
I lost a bit of weight O_O..



Claire said...

The Anna Sui glosses look so cute! :D


Calvin said...

wawww.. ur lips are sexy baby <3
hihihi.. i like the TLC popster :D
muachh for that lips !

Anastacia said...

Awesome lippy stuffs! All colors looks so pretty! You've sexy lips :)

Anonymous said...

anna sui!! i totally saw an interview of her on CCTV! woe.

where is the stuff purchased? i totally would love to try some Anna Sui something! hehehe.

MiuMiu said...

i have a thing for pink lippies too lol. i was just looking at my lippy collection and like 90% of them are pink! i think pink is always a nice color for asian skin tones. i don't think your lips are that pigmented...you should see mind XD light pink shades appear dark pink on me hehehe.
i like the smell of anna sui products..but their glosses are just too sticky for me..even tho they're so pretty

.{a}...❤ said...


your stuffs looks so cute~ i <3 HK! and i like the Anna Sui M 02~ very nice and light pink~ :-3

beeyoutiful7 said...

you look super gorgeous with those HK lippies!!

I love Pink Fish =)

Great haul!

miemiemie said...

so cute, i love your haul :) i hate sticky lipglosses..haha and i hate it too when hair sticks to my lips ;/

Laura L said...

i love the original color of your lips, really pale pink.good for lippie application.
well, though this is the 1st time I visit your blog, somehow, I'm attracted and your blog is really cute.
haha, I love all your lip gloss.goodness.I'm turning mad soon..those are good and pretty <3

Stephanie said...

you are so cute! and have the cutest pout ever

Me said...

Yay, I have the Pinkfish one too! I heard so much rave about it, that I went onto eBay to get it (it sold out so fast!). I paid $30 for mine but I don't know for that price, it was worth it. I'm just glad that I got to try it out at least. You are sooooooo pretty! =] Keep up the great job with blog!!

Me said...

Whoops I meant to say, I don't know if for that price IF it was worth it, lol.

fuzkittie said...

You have naturally pale lips! So jealous, hehehe. Look very kissable with any of those colors on! :D <3

Anonymous said...

Aww... your lips are so lovely (like I said before, hihi...)!

I love Pinkfish an Anna Sui M02 best on your lips. But actually, any color looks great! ;)

✿Ji✿ said...

Your lips are so lovely!<3 I think your natural lip color is very pretty as well!♥
The Anna Sui lipgloss is my favorite, it looks so pretty on you!:)

PaperedLove said...

I think every color looks great on you!

eki said...

your lips are so kawaii X3 nice anna sui lip gloss love the colors!

kawaiikao said...

the anna sui glosses look really cute! thanks for the swatches. your original lip color is lovely!!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

so many pretty shades!! your skin is so amazing!! :)

✿Ji✿ said...

Stitches inside the lip? That sounds so painful!!!Though I think your pout is really adorable!:P♥

I can imagine you playing baseball, bet you looked really hot with a baseball cap & uniform. ;)

Unknown said...

Just looking around and found you through the purple snowflake :)
I like tlc popster (i really like that shade lip stain) and the gold shimmer in the anna sui glosses! They look really cute on you!

. said...

O_O You must have applied only a tiny bit~! I swear the TLCs are a lot more pigmented on me.

Super pretty though! =D

Especially love the first anna sui lipgloss.

Don't you find your boyfriend tries to be as far away from you as possible though when your lips are shiny (and glittery)? Mine tends to run away T_T So I don't buy many lipglosses anymore.

cheryl said...

yea your pointy face looks like u've been losing some weight. i'm kind of on a diet too! try to reduce sugar intake to the minimum...

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