EOTD : Toned Down Ageha Look

Hi! Now I'm going to first my first tutorial! Yay yay yay!
I'm sorry If its so bad, because Im really a newbie, sorry =(
But I will try hard =)
This is an Ageha (Hime-Gyaru) Inspired look, and Its toned down! Yay!
Because the original one is too much for everyday make up! ^^;
First, here are the tools used in this look ( I only do eye make up!)

1. BOBBI BROWN Shimmer Brick Compact in BRONZE
2. BENEFIT 'Birthday Suit' Creaseless Cream

3. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack + MAC Brush #266

Here is the inside palette =) (Its a bit too shimmery *_* )

First, I use Benefit Birthday Suit for my base color.

After that, I add Bobbi Brown shade number 1 , just half the size of the base.

After that I add shimmer highlights under my eyebrows and under my eyes with shade number 2. (See Picture)

Now for the darkest color! =) Almost done! Used Bobbi Brown shade number 3~
After that, use the fluidline and carefully line ur upper eyes. I lined it abit thick in here.

It makes your eyes heaps bigger !
And for single lidders, this make-up will make you look like you have double lids!
Finished look : ( my right eye undone lol )

See the difference?
I didnt curl my lashes, but you can add false eyelashes to make it look hime-gyaru ish.

Oh and here's a bonus, my childhood pic xP I was so skinny.. ( with my father )
Do I still look the same?



fuzkittie said...

GREAT first tutorial! You're a natural at beauty blogging. ^_~

pandablush said...

Thanks fuz <3
Really? @_@ I only can do some easy stuff tht everyone can do ;__;

smilecusiluvu said...

you are natural! it helps when you know how to take good pictures! whats your tips?? im currently looking for tips on taking good pictures

pandablush said...

Tips of taking good pic? Hem use good/decent cam and i usually have this good angle.. every person has their own good angle xD or slightly from above,, or 3/4 xD

miemiemie said...

great job on the tutorial :) you have very cute eyes. haha you still look the same :)

.{a}...❤ said...

great tut!! ^_^
it's simple and easy too! >.<

note::: thanks for follow =} so kind!

MiuMiu said...

very cute! i don't think i could ever pull off a look with liner on the bottom..i think i look funny haha.
that's a great tutorial..now i can have an idea on how to use one of my brown palettes that i haven't even touched!

Chiara said...

Aww gorgeous :D

pandablush said...

Thank you all ^^

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

yeah... u r pretty... n u look like Taiwanese or Japanese so kawaii neh...

miu miu: hahaha... i think we share the same fate... If i ever put on bottom lash liner, i'll look like a panda for no reason...

Unknown said...

Ahw you look so cutiepie!<3
Hope you post more tutorials!


PS: you do look the same, your eyes haven't changed a bit xD

stylefrontier said...

that is a great but simple tutorial
love it!

lovelove <3,

Anonymous said...

this is a very detailed tutorial i love it! good job missy.
i LOVE hime look omg.

tokyo kawaii tv had this documentary on it.
there is this store i love in harajuku called Jesus Diamente omg they are wicked expensive but i do love very much their style!

your eyes are amazing!

pandablush said...

Kaile - Thanks! I miss my xanga, but blogger is so much easier.. ^^ I will post more.

yeah my eyes are still the same xD

Tiffany said...

I love your tutorial! it's soo prettyyy!
it looks easy too... is that majorica mascara hard to remove?
everyone tells me that =\

Irisa Xiong said...

cute! i love your face structure... it makes for a great palette!

Frock Around the Clock said...

Great first attempt! Nice and simple, yet effective! :) x

miemiemie said...

yeah the book is way better than the movie..but it was just a film adaptation of it so yeah.. :)

purple snowflake said...

weee~~ agree with every one.. ur so pretty =P plus the tutorial was great.. a natural at blogging.. plus smart idea to use BB shimmer brick...

and you tell me u don't have big eyes?? my eyes are like close to monolid alredy ...T___T

✿Ji✿ said...

You were so cute as a child!<3<3
Even more beautiful now!^^
Love the picture!
I look like 99% different from when I was young!XD

Anonymous said...

you are so good at blending! I suck at it...I only use eyeliner and mascara on the lower eye...with some shimmer.

the bobbie brown thing is really cool~ and you are so pretty.

and just a small question..do you use eyelid glue?


pandablush said...

Aya -
Im not good too >_< Usually i suck more. hehe.
thank you ^^
eyelid glue? eye charm koji?
I use it on my right eye cuz its not balanced. haha. both of my eyes have double lids, but its sort of inside.. i dont know what its called.. but i have it.. maybe? haha i use eyetalk to make it bigger ^^

Anonymous said...

I use eyetalk too! I got inner eyelid(inside eyelid) so I use eyeglue to ...make it look outside so my eyeliner and shimmer can show more.

when I saw your make up eye it look really pretty~

and I really really love your chin! its sharp and strong looking (not manly strong, its just..very steady?? I duno but it is beautiful)

~run away~


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

great tutorial! thanks for the step by step guide :)

cheryl said...

i really need to make a bigger effort in doing better eye makeup, but just like u, in the mornings, i keep things as simple as possible before getting out the door... :-P

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