EOTD : BoA's "I Did it for Love" Look!

Finally! It's done.. Sorry for being a slowpoke, but I really had no time. U_U
Hehe. For today's look, I was inspired by BoA's new music video ' I Dit it for Love!'
I thought to myself ,
'She looks so pretty in this MV...'
Actually I know it's just a regular smoky eyes LOL. Just to make everyone excited! Muahaha.
If you haven't seen the video, here it is!

Cool isn't it? I can't wait till the album's out.. She's just too talented.
Anyways, this look is an evening make up, because it's just too much for a day make up.
Try it if you want the sexy eyes look~
First, Im using KATE BK-1, my favourite japanese brand palette for black smoky eyes =)

First, use a primer all over the lid, I'm using BENEFIT F.Y EYE PRIMER, since they don't have UDPP here in aussie =( really want it. Anyways, apply color #1 (creamy), not too much! They are glittery.

After that, use color #2 all over your eye sockets and under your eyebrows for highlight.

And then, color #3 to half of the highlights before.

You know the next one, apply the dark color #4 at the outer corner of your eyes.

Last but not least, line your eyes with darkest color #5 (eyeliner subtitute) and also 1/3 of your lower lashline. Don't forget to darken your eyemakeup with this color if you feel it's not dark enough.

Curl and apply mascara to your eyelashes if you want, but I will go for false eyelashes this time.
I use KOJI eyelashes and their clear eyelash glue. Their eyelashes are so natural, but quite expensive.. 10 bucks.

Enjoy your new BoA-inspired look!

( Really, it changes my image lol, i hardly do make up like this before.. )

(sorry for the flat hair - just came back from school)

Oh, and for the singing request :
here is an english song : My Medicine NANA Soundtrack =) Enjoy! (Click Here)
You can download too if you want.. I don't know why but nakashima mika's accent got into me in this song.. Im not usually like this XDDDD

Thanks for reading!


Cris said...

Wow...Smoky shimmery eyes :o...Pretty :). Thanks for this :D.

tuniez83 said...

You'r just so adorable. I like this kinda look. And you got a very fine skin awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Your head blog photo is so cool I love it.

Yumeko said...

u are so pretty and ur skin looks soooo flawless!

purple snowflake said...

OMG I love this look.. why cuz u look 1980s.. which I like =D

I'm gonna go get that pallete now after seeing you use it.. where you get urs from??

calvincalvin said...

WOAHhh.. so pretty !! hihihihi..
my girlfriend is BOA ? hahahahha..
ure so pretty babe ~~


pandablush said...

-_- LOL far from boa vinnn
just the make up
thanks babe <3

KiKi said...

heheh i luv that song too! haven't listened to it in agees ..I last listened to it coz it was the soundtrack in nana movie ^^

MiuMiu said...

FEI! why don't you sing profesionally!!? you sound sooo good!! oooh ohohoh...could you do an ayumi hamasaki song =D=D=D
i'm just curious, what languages can you speak?
i love your smokey look! i dunno if i could pull that off haha
i'm interested to see how well boa does in america...it doesn't seem like many people are too open about non western singers..unless of course you're asian. i could imagine if boa collaborates with the big names she'll do well.
i dunno why..sometimes i hate her..other times i like her lol...mannnn...i'm so jealous she can dance!

miemiemie said...

woooh you look very pretty,thanks for sharing the tutorial :)

miemiemie said...

oops i forgot to answer your question. yes i used to curl it often..til i noticed i get more hair fall..and the bf doesn't like it curled..he feels like i'm making myself too pretty hahaha he wants the effortless look. duh, if i didn't put any effort at all on how i looked, i'd probably look nasty hahahaha

the shirt i was wearing was already like that when i bought it. i didn's customize it love

✿Ji✿ said...

Your skin is awesome!!!!
I really can´t wait for your skin routine!<3<3<3
And the smokey eye looks so pretty!
You should wear dramatic make up more often!:)

And love the song! Mika Nakashima is one of my favourite singers, you sound almost like her!♥

fuzkittie said...

I can't wait for your skin routine either!! It's amazing!

This is such a cool look~~ :D

Wowing me again with your singing!! ^o^ You're an impressive girly~

smilecusiluvu said...

wow you did a good job with ur makeup I love it!

.{a}...❤ said...

wow!~!~! ^_^

you look amazing!
and i LO<3 BoA!!!

Irisa Xiong said...

great look! such an angelic face... you look so hot in the one where you're making a kissy face haha.

and i'm really liking that video on the side. you look ADORABLE.


omgg ur singing is really really good :S it doesnt sound like you recorded yourself! we should go karaoke together! haha

what nationality are you? and omgg, you name sounds ALOT like mine jeanice! :D

do you go to unsw? you live really close to there!

kawaiikao said...

a very pretty look!! i would sooo buy the stella full bottle but i have sooo many perfumes already. it definitely is on my to buy list in the future when i finish a couple of my other bottles :p

stylefrontier said...

a nice smokey shimmery eyes you got! :)
i love smokey eyes too
but really need to choose shimmer colouring carefully, cause i dont think all of them suit my skin tone as my skin is not white. any suggestion ?

CuttiBeBe said...

wow your eyes and face is soo pretty.. how do you have such perfect skin and eye shape! i'm so jealous!

great job on the smokey eyes darling. KATE is my fav. brand too!

Fei said...

lol. Yeah, what drew me to your blog was the fact that we share the same name. I almost never find another Fei!

The DSLR pics that I do post are taken with my bf's Canon EOS 5D.

kawaiikao said...

ahh i love light blue too!! i think my favorite right now is the juicy couture one and i love all issey miyakes scents. i really want the dior miss cherie one ;D

Peachy Heechy said...

Namine again, I do not know why I -- OMG YOU HAVE A POUPE GIRL *just noticed* I AM ADDING YOU!!! Lol! Now I just lost my train of thought.

I found out that BoA song from you, so than you very much :)

I'm going to listen to that song, I used to love listening to it so much..

You sound fab!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

wow, smoky & shimmery eyes, how beautiful, you're so pretty too & amazing skin! :)

Anonymous said...

i love BoA too! :D
thanks for the make up tutorial, imma try it next time.
oh btw i listen to my medicine too..hahaha! it's a weird song but i like it ;)

. said...

I really love your eye make up in this. How do you make sure you do both eyes evenly when it comes to the dark shadow? I always find I pile too much on one side T___T.

Also, what camera do you use? Mine is crap and I really need a new one

Anonymous said...

this is sooo boa i love it came out exactly how she would wear it. yes dear i am mixed Chinese/PuertoRican! hehehehe.

yoli said...

oh cute blog! and you are sooo beautiful!!

Nana Cawaii said...

U look like Boa!!!! ^^
Very nice blog! I liked it!
See you!

. said...

Eye circles? What eye circles? O_O I don't see any traces of any!! Ahaha...

I actually have ones which are *much* worse! What I actually do is use one of those illuminating concealers as a base like Dior's SkinFlash or M.A.C.'s StudioLights. I then pat a thicker cream concealer on top, I use the Barbara Daly one for Tesco but I think the MAC one that comes in a pan is similiar.

By the way I have been thinking. You look older than me! *Shock* I really need to lose the baby fat sitting on my face~ Haha...

marissa said...

I am going to try this, it's a really pretty look!
I'm looking forward to seeing your skincare regimen post, since you have really nice skin.

I also noticed that you have like zero blackheads on your nose. How did you achieve that?

Anonymous said...

hey i have that palette :)
vry pretty ^^

. said...

Bio oil eh? I used that for a few weeks but then I just really couldn't be bothered. My boyfriend tried it as well but it actually made him break out more.

Maybe you should sleep more then, or do you just have really think skin under your eyes? xD

shika said...

i like how you do your make up :)

Mel said...

Does the eyeshadow look very deep in real life? cos usually photos make it looks lighter..(nice makeup though ^^) I wish i have the courage to go out with this kind of smokey eyes haha

Unknown said...

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!! i can't wait to see more posts from you!! you so pretty ahaha

Anonymous said...

You have really nice skin...do you have any skincare tips? Anyway I think you're prettier than BoA. :)

Amelia said...

so pretty!

Miss Yaya said...

love the eye colors

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow great job on smokey!! i find it difficult to do smokey on asians but you definitely hit the spot there!

Anastacia said...

This make-up look just amazing! Very pretty 'n cute!!!

SwatchCrazee said...

i freakin luv ur boa look! so gorgeous!

Angie | Pandaphilia.com said...

oooh perfect smokey eye modified for asian eyes :D

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