Circle Lenses!

Hi! I want to do a review about my personal favorites Circle Lenses!
I personally have been using color contacts for almost 7 years,
and I used to wear Freshlook and Freshkon.
But after discovering 'Circle Lenses' 3 years ago, I started buying them!
At first I only used Freshkon Alluring Eyes (Black) to school, everyday!
But now I'm in college, and I discovered circle lenses through online shopping.
I bought a few contacts, and my two personal favorites are:
(ignore my no make-up face - eek!)


Its very enlarging, giving the illusion of bigger eyes. But what I don't like about this lense is that it looks quite fake, so I need to use eye make up with it, or it looks weird (the picture above! -_-). But I think it looks more grey than violet itself.. Well I don't really know. It's not as comfortable as my Freshkon Alluring Eyes lenses, they dry up quite fast. Not recommended to wear if you want to go to the cinema ( TRUST ME, i was tortured for 2 hours using this in the cinema, so drying).

HONEY WINGS ( again, sorry for my ugly bare face -_- )

I really really LOVE this lenses. Probably my favorite color contacts ever. It looks so natural when worn, looks like I have natural brown eyes. I can wear it without the use of heavy make-up, because it's natural-looking. It's quite comfortable (more than nudys!) but the only thing I don't like is : that these lenses are not very enlarging.. Not reccomended for people who wants the BIG DOLLY eyes effect =)

I am thinking of getting new lenses, the Neo Cosmo Glamour Gray.
It looks so pretty!

See ya!


MiuMiu said...

the circle lenses look so puurdy, but it seems like a hassle for me to get prescriptions =/
i look forward to your posts!

pandablush said...

Thank you!
Im addicted to it ever since, like I cant really go out without them. I dont wear with prescriptions, cuz i have cylinder, not minus. they dont have it o_O thank you so much! i love ur blog =)))

calvincalvin said...

waw.. you are so cutee honey :D

pandablush said...

Pssst~ Not in public~~~ <3

miemiemie said...

oooooh wow you have blogspot now!? fellow soompier am i right? i love your eyes! so pretty :)

tuniez83 said...

hi! lil girl. Thnx for the follow. I like the wing siries on you it looks so bright. BTW the neocosmo is nice too.
P.S. what's ur Nat.? Chinese?

pandablush said...

Miemiemie -
Yeah ^^ I have been wanting to make, but im still a total noob xD thanks! but its small xDDDD i love ur blog too~

hi! ^^ no worries, ive been wandering around anyway~ love ur eyemakeup skills and ur eyes. you look like seo in young O_O thanks ^^
i have 100% chinese blood yeah~ =)

miemiemie said...

your chinese? i thought you were korean..oops sorry, pretty as ever anyway :)

pandablush said...

yeah i am xD
hehehe thank you so much~

cavano said...

Even though I'm too old for circle lenses, I still want to try them lol. I'm waiting for my pre-order from Sglenses, but may I know where you get yours? I like your Honey Wings ;). Thanks!

pandablush said...

cavano -
Youre never too old for lenses..
my 42 year old mother use it haha.
i got it from www.honeycolor.com
i bought quite few from there already ^^

Anonymous said...

Those lens look soo pretty! could you link me the site where you got them from? :)

Anonymous said...

hey, may I know which model of honey wing are you using? it looks really natural on you.

Circle Lenses said...

Great post! I love to see people wearing circle lenses so it makes it easier for me to decide which ones I want to buy. Thank you!

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