Blog Introduction Video

Hi Everyone! Finally my MAC package came in the mail today yay!
I got Pink Fish TLC, Popster TLC, Mimmy Lipglass, and Cute-ster Lipstick!
So late,I know.. But not my fault cuz it's just came out in Sydney..
The first day it came out I went to check out MAC at Myers (department store),
I wanted to buy Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder.. but it was sold out? ;_______;
Anyways .. I managed to make a blog introduction video yay!
I warn you.. It's so bad. Haha it was my first time in front of webcam,
and I was nervous.. I am not a good talker too.
Here it is.

BAD Isn't it?
English is not my first language anyways =D
Hello Kitty mac reviews coming out soon.



Anonymous said...

looking forward to the mac stuff =]
your english is fine lols

Anonymous said...

Your English is good! The video is okay, it wasn't bad at all. :)

Yumeko said...

wat are u talking abt, ur english is great!!!

pandablush said...

Cerise - really? ahaha i think i always babble when i talk, not only english but any language i think hehe

MiuMiu said...

you were so cute! did i hear a hint of australian accent?? =D=D=D
believe me..your voice sounds soooo much better than mine, so i think it'll be a while before i start making talking vids

MiuMiu said...

oh i forgot to tell you, i wish i had a dog! hahaha...i only have cats and a bunny at home.
one day i have to get a weiner dog.
7 dogs?!?! omg!!! so it's always a party at your parent's house right XD
things aren't that much cheaper in korea...so sad...like some japanese makeup that i want (lunasol, rmk) it's so expensive

miemiemie said...

awww you are so cute!

Zuuchini said...

your english is totally FIIIINE!

you just look sooo adorable <3 and i love your haircut! maybe i should go get my bangs back!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

I found you via Purplesnowflake's blog :] it's a cute intro video! Anyway you have a cute blog!

Chiara said...

Awww don't be silly, your voice is adorable and I could understand every single word you said!
I'm quite scared to talk in a video, lol I don't think my voice really matches my face :P

eki said...

aww nice intro video~you looks so kawaii!! Im too shy to make one myself,, X3

fuzkittie said...

You don't sound bad at all!! :D You're so cute, I look forward to more vids from you.

delicious said...

you're so cute! followed you off soompi heheh =)
MAC x HK? ohh you're going to LOVE the TLCs as much as I do <3 they're to die for!

Suejung said...

hey...no problem ur blog is kool

stylefrontier said...

the video is nice dear :)
oh ya? one of your parents is indonesian? and you're in aussie now for studying? or how? hehe
nice to know youu

✿Ji✿ said...

Even your speaking voice is amazing! I loooove, really love deep voices, my voice is so highpitched, it annoys myself sometimes!XD

✿Ji✿ said...

Sry, forgot to answer your comment!^^
So here in Germany where I live we had about -10°C, but right now it´s about 8°C. No snow anymore, but still cold!^^

I was starting make up quite early (only mascara and eyeliner though), but no real interest in it...just started playing with make up about half a year ago!^.^´

Do you know the kiss kiss trick? You make a certain sound and your puppy gives you a kiss! It looks really cute!:)

Oh my friend is morrocan, but lives in Germany and goes to Indonesia for one year!:)

German school system is quite different, I still have to go 1 year of high school till I can start to study...
Do you like your studying subject? I´d love to learn something about communication design!♥
Hope you get through your assignments soon!^^

aquaracer said...

your english is great. and i applaud you for making a video and being brave enough to do it (not like me, boohoo!)

✿Ji✿ said...

Hm...kind of depends on the guy? I know a lot of guys who love soothing deep voices!^^

Yeah I can fully relate to that!:) Make up from the internet is a mischievous thing!!! You have access to it 24/7...how can you not be tempted to buy stuff all the time?XD
Even though I can´t buy most of the things, cause I don´t own paypal...I´d die to try out some circle lenses.-.-

My friend is doing an au-pair year in a german-philippine family which moved to Indonesia!*laugh* Quite cosmopolitan! (just had to write an essay about this topic T__T)

I really can´t figure out windows movie maker...but I´m trying hard, hope to upload a piano vid next week. (I´m a dork when it comes to technology)

It´s awesome to know what you want to do for living and just start studying the things you´re really interested in! I wished I could do the same, but I still have no clue what I want to do...

Wish you good luck with your assignments!^^ What do you have to do for it?

Anonymous said...

haha.. u look cute baby <3


omogsh! ur english is really good! don't be ashamed of it! :)
ur reallly prettty!

SHIZUKA said...

so cute:) mm have u tried looking at bardot for the harem pants, i know they used to have any but maybe sold out. even valley girl had some hmm a few places have them i just cant pinpoint the shop names! also yessss your japanese is GREAT :D sounds good ~ and and i usually shop hm m everyhwere really. i have really random stuf. i try to buy things overseas too so its a little bit more unique.. or like things i just find in random stores :) x

Anastacia said...

You're so pretty! Love your cat eye liner :)

kawaiikao said...

you are so cute!! and your english is fine dear :] cant wait to see more!!

MiuMiu said...

hey panda! you tag other unsuspecting victims hehe
i think the lighting covers my flaws for me =p i used to pick and poke my face a lot too, which was a big mistake...took soooo long for the acne scars to fade
i think you'll love the coffret d'or shadows...they're my favourite from the line! =D

✿Ji✿ said...

The guy must be blind and deaf!*laugh*
I´d bet he would give something to date you now?^^

Where did you buy your circle lenses from? Aren´t they really expensive?
I´ve heard some people complain that you can´t wear them for a long time, cause it´ll hurt your eyes…

That´s so true, I really love haul vids/post, but it´s really hard to resist the urge of buying tons and tons of make up!XD

I didn´t know that! They even speak a different language? How weird!
Ah I don´t understand mac at all, I´m too used to windows!
Even though I can´t do much with it! Haha…

Will you post some of your projects? I´d love to see your illustrations!<3
It must be hard to put creativity in every single project!

Anonymous said...

wow, you look pretty and great at make up. you should do video makeup tutorials~

. said...

Helloo~ Your english sounds good, dont be so modest! Althoug you don't sound aussie to me, more...american? I think...

We've still got Tahitian sand beauty powder over here, I just checked the MAC counter out today. T_T I don't think the people in my city are big on HK.

purple snowflake said...

OMG I finally finish that stupid exam.. and I manage to handle my personal relationship business too...

Ur video is like so cute .. wanna pinch you HAHAHA

hehe.. wanna come out and eat some time?? i'm kinda free this week and next week start working lor T____T

stylefrontier said...

ooh i see. so you're a citizen of aussie now..
so you were not long in indonesia hehe

and i cant wait for hello kitty mac review

dont forget to collect your awards dear
it's the second post from above :D please scroll
or you can try this link

btw wanna exchange link ?

Anonymous said...

AWE this is cute i understood you! hehehehe.

i get nervous too with camera thus why i dont have so much video maybe just one i have hehheehe.

Miss Yaya said...

lol ur too hard on urself!! i love the vid

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Thanks! Yaya

p.s. your package will be on its way soon - as soon as sephora has the stinkin gloss!

Anonymous said...

Your video is so cute! :)
I've also thought of doing a video for my blog, but I'm still too shy, hehe...

Dina said...

video says it is private :(
btw devon aoki is beautiful!!!

Beata Megan said...

the video is private :(

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