New Layout + My Singing.

As you can see, I updated my layout!
(although this background makes this blog looks like a food blog hehe)
And I changed my banner into a new one! Yay!
It looks a lot gloomier than before lol, but I love this picture.
It was taken by my bf, thanks honey *chu*
Do you think this layout a keeper? Or I should change a new one?

Oh and I signed up to this cute site, PUPE.
Its so cute! But I still don't really know what to do.. Haha.
I will do a make up tutorial soon, I just don't have time,
as you can see at the right sidebar, I posted the 'next' section to
check out what will I post next!

I will try to imitate BoA's make up in her new American PV
" I Did it for Love"

I am no guru, that's why I wanna try the best I can!

Can't wait to see the full PV. Don't you agree?
Anyways I don't want to keep you all feel bored of my blog~
So, to stall until I can post the tutorial, here are some song I sang in the past,
feel free to hear!

Just click it to play the song,
Aishou is a slow song from Koda (love her), I really like this song. Its recent recording.
P.S. : I recorded myself with my laptop xD That's why it sounded quite noisy / not good quality.



Anonymous said...

woe is that really you singing???!?!

thats so proffesional!

haha i play the guitar and was wondering if it would be wierd to post on my makeup blog hahahaha omg.

i think i will try .

this is extremely nice!
what recording sofware do you use?

cheryl said...

oooooooh your singing is good! oh my god, u sound better than boa, cos i think sometimes her voice gets a bit "small"...

Anonymous said...

yeah i think would look good!

extensions really? looks natural!

ah garage band totally heard good things about that but alas i dont have a mac.

i have to use stinki dinki Audacity.

terrible quality.
im hoping to get a better mic soon or something i dunno if that would help the situation hehe.

and like, hair always grows back ya know?

✿Ji✿ said...

Wow..I´m speechless!
You should consider becoming a singer!
That sounded so professional!<3

Anonymous said...

I've to switch to IE (widget wont show on firefox) to listen to ur singing but it is totally worth it! niceeeeeeeeeeeeee omg!

Unknown said...

I made an account on poupeegirl a long time ago, haha I totally forgot about it until you mentioned it!

It's not groundbreakingly-fun, but I suppose it kills time when you're bored xD

Anonymous said...

you have a wonderful voice!!! please keep posting up more of you singing!

Chiara said...

Wow! You're amazing!! <3 Brimming with talent! You should record a YT vid of yourself singing!

fuzkittie said...

You sound like a real pop star!!! You def should record yourself on YT!

.{a}...❤ said...

is that seriously you singing? omg. thats amazing! >.<

and the little donuts (is that right) are kyooot~! ^^

Anonymous said...


wow you're clip is great! if you didn't say so.. i prolly wouldn't know u sung it :) pro++ !

love this layout btw ~ cutee!

pandablush said...

Chery - BoA? No WAY! hahaha, me myself cant sing high notes, i cn only stick to low tones. =) but thanks! ^______^

梅子 - Yeah its extension ^^ Thanks, becus it was too long before, and i cut it again hehe. I looked like witch O_O yeah its quite good =)
my friends also use Audacity.I dont know how to use it myself..Yeah , I def will cut it short but i dont know when~ hehe.

Ji - Thank you >_< singer? hehe singing is just my hobby~ hehe but thanks! i dont think i have singer quality.. hee

misshazel - ohhh how kind of u >_< thanks a bunch ^^ glad u like it!

kaile - hahah xD yeah its not a fun game, i just logged in when i have nothing to do really.. >_<

Mae - thank you! ^^ i will post abit more in the future if u like my ugly low tone voice..~ XDDD

Chiara - Brimming with talent? hehe thanks =) YT? I did it before but i deleted it again.. hehe shy~ i can't really sing live when theres a cam in front haha it will mess my singing up.. =.=

Fuz - Thanks >_< i did put vids to utube before, but i deleted it. looking in front to cam screws my singing up xD but thanks!

Anna - Yes its me ! Thanks ^^ hehe they are cute, arent they! Looks delicious xD

Clarzzy - Thank you ^^ hehe im still learning and i need better mic -_- thank you!

MiuMiu said...

omg you sound amazing!!! i wish i could sing like you. do you go karaoke a lot?
it's a cute layout! i dunno how to change my layout for my blog =/ i haven't even had time to make a banner haha.

purple snowflake said...

Jeanice.. ~~ YOur dog hate me >< was barking at me for the whole time i was there. so sad T___T but atleast I got to pat him.. and he didn't bite my fingers off LOL

WOO first time hear you sing this song.. TOld you ur pro at singing la.. I can play da piano.. so me + Mai Zi (who plays guitar) go find you a base and drummer then can form a band LOL.. ~~~

hope to see you soon again ^___^

pandablush said...

MiuMiu - Thanks! >_< But in this song i was off note lots of times lol. yeah i used to go there a lot but not recently. i want though xD u can change it by customizing the html there.. and i can make u one banner if u wan hehe =)

purplesnowflake - nooo he doesnt hate youu, he cant hate someone,, hehe i did mean stuff to him still he likes me lo haha. just takes time for him to like someone, if u spend 10 more min in my house he will like u =)thank you! >_< hehe band? wow cool ! pop band i guess? what kind of songs~~
when r u free?

SHIZUKA said...

you are so gorgeous i love your piccies :) i want to listen to you singing but it's not working for me..! hope you sing again so i can hear hehe :)x

SHIZUKA said...

oh i just refreshed and tried again n it worked :D your really good at singing and plus u pronounce the japanese really well! did u study it or do you speak it~~

Miss Yaya said...

sounds good

=] email me ur addy and i'll send you a US care package! :)


Anonymous said...

I don't know your previous layout nor the banner, but I like this one a lot!

Uhhm, I think the background does not match with the banner 100%, but it's still pretty. Just my humble opinion, hehe... ;)


omgosh! love the singing!
you're from sydney tooo!!!!! which area are you frommm? this is exciting! hheehe

Fei said...

I actually prefer your recording over the original. I wouldn't have guessed it wasn't PRO!

Anonymous said...

Your singing is amazing =D I would've never known that it wasn't professional if you didn't say it ;)

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