M.A.C Hello Kitty Lippies and Anna Sui

As I promised ages ago, here are some hello kitty stuff i purchased and I will swatch it on my lips!
Sorry sorry, I know you guys are bored of HK stuff, but here is mine.

I only bought 4 stuff because the other stuff didn't appeal to me that much..
And I personally think the make up case is quite tacky..
I still prefer my black Anna Sui case! ( But its easy to get dirty since its made of suede.. I think? )
Anyways enough chit chat! I will swatch you my new anna sui gloss too here.

1. Popster TLC
2. Pinkfish TLC
3. Cutester Lipstick
4. Mimmy Lipglass
5. Anna Sui 701 Gloss
6. Anna Sui M 02 Gloss

Here is the picture of my original lips, and theyre quite pigmented already.. I think haha.

And here with Popster! I say this is my favorite! Looks kissable and natural! It looks bright in the pot, but its quite sheer. Depends how you put it i think.

And here is pinkfish. Not very fond of it.. Even though its a cute nude color.I look dead with it.. But I think this will look good with smoky eyes?

Cutester! Its a pretty color BUT I kinda regret buying it, its really sheer, super sheer. I shouldve bought Big Bow.. Seriously.. This looks like a lipbalm haha. (sorry blur)

Mimmy, I quite like this, its okay I guess.

Here are the ANNA SUI ones.

Left is 701, Right is M 02.
Anna Sui Gloss in 701, my favorite of them all. Smells good, a lot of gold shimmer, but not too much. LOVE IT.

Fell for the packaging but ...it is an okay color.

As you can see theyre all similar haha.. Maybe because I didnt put a lot?
I always try to stay away from putting a lot of gloss cuz its sticky, and when wind blows my hair will go everywhere INCLUDING on my lips and will stick HAHA.

I always fall for light pink colors, so all of my lipsticks and lipglosses look similar. -_-

What do you think the best MAC Lipstick for asian like me? Preferably the noticable ones. Help me! Hehe.
And here's pic of me.. the most recent one, without circle lenses (usually i ALWAYS wear circle lenses haha.. cant leave house without em.)
I lost a bit of weight O_O..



That's not my name!

Sorry I didn't really have the time to update! Im soo sorry!
Really! Hello kitty lip conditioners lipstick and lipglass coming out soon!

Im charging my camera right now, sorry! It's soo friggin late and ughh.
(by the way , i put 'that's not my name' because im obsessed with the ting tings atm haha)

The Hello Kitty Kouture collection just came out here.
It's so friggin expensive, 150 Bucks for the powder. Woah. Won't buy it.
Im thinking of buying MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. Has anyone bought it yet?
I would love to hear your thoughts of it. Since I heard they make your skin
looks airbrushed. And also Im looking for good bronzer. Preferably the ones that are not shimmery! (im allergic to benefit face products btw, i get rash if i use em - i know it sucks)

Oh and I have been awarded with Kreativ blogger! Thank you guys!

List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love! Be sure to tag them and let them know that they have won.You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sidebar letting the whole world know...you are Kreativ!

Mine :

1. my boyfriend definitely. ive known him for so looong and he always makes me feel so safe and secure. love him too much.
2. of course my family, including my 7 dogs, lol.
3. illustrating, ive always loved to draw and paint since i was so small.
4. eating. i warn you - im a pig. seriously. i eat like.. a lot? i can eat anything, anywhere. my fav place is at the alley of chinatown in bangkok - seafood was AWESOME.
5. of course, make up make up make up! i would love to have all the make up in the world but i cant ;(
6. singing of course, and my former band.
7. PANDA! im obsessed with panda stuff.

Hehe just a little update from me guys, Sorry!
My school has been so hectic lately ;__________;


Blog Introduction Video

Hi Everyone! Finally my MAC package came in the mail today yay!
I got Pink Fish TLC, Popster TLC, Mimmy Lipglass, and Cute-ster Lipstick!
So late,I know.. But not my fault cuz it's just came out in Sydney..
The first day it came out I went to check out MAC at Myers (department store),
I wanted to buy Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder.. but it was sold out? ;_______;
Anyways .. I managed to make a blog introduction video yay!
I warn you.. It's so bad. Haha it was my first time in front of webcam,
and I was nervous.. I am not a good talker too.
Here it is.

BAD Isn't it?
English is not my first language anyways =D
Hello Kitty mac reviews coming out soon.



My Skincare Regime! + HK Sneak Peek

Hi! Finally I get to update this blog! =)
Sorry everyone, I am being too lazy..
Oh, and today (16 March 2009) MAC Hello Kitty collection just came out!
Yeah, I KNOW its sooooo late, and the prices are almost twice US' prices.
How ridiculous is that? STILL, I managed to buy four hello kitty items, which I will mention in the next post (since they haven't arrived anyway, i only have pinkfish now). Enough chit chat, now straight onto my skincare regime!

My skin is not perfect, like everyone said. I use make up especially BB Cream and concealer too ( Im only human ;D) But, like I promise - I will list my daytime and night skincare regime!


1. Cleanser : SKYENDOR AQUATHERM Thermal Cleansing Gel

My dermatologist suggested this cleanser for me 1 year ago, and I am really glad I use this product. Doesn't contain oil, my favorite cleanser ever, I used to use the whole SK-II products, but I love this more than SK-II cleansing foam. Perfect for sensitive face (like mine) and my face feels fresh afterwards - and it's quite big! Last time I finished 1 bottle in about 5 months time? Not bad huh? Rate : 4.5/5

2. Toner : ETTUSAIS Medicated Acne AQUA SHOOTER (oil control)

It claims to prevent future acne, and all that stuff. For me it's just a regular toner really.. But It makes my skin feels tight and refreshed. I need better toner I guess? Rate : 3.5/5

3. Moisturizer : DDFmed Oil Free Moisturizing Gel

To moisturize skin and stimulate cell growth, this was also recommended by my dermatologist. It's oil free, and RIGHT AFTER you apply (small bottle, but you really need only a pea size amount) it to your face, it will absorb so QUICKLY! Your skin will feel supple , not that sticky feeling you get from other moisturizers. Love this! Rate : 5/5

4. Sunblock : ETTUSAIS Medicated Acne Whitening UV SPF 24

Love this one, its sunscreen + pre makeup base! Not sticky at all (quite runny), perfect for acne prone skin. It also claims to treat acne , prevent acne , and lighten acne scars. I think it works. There is no Ettusais store in Sydney, I bought this in a Japanese Store which cost me 60 bucks, but I love it! BB Cream glides on my skin easily - cuz this stuff makes my skin smooth. Rate : 4/5

That's all for my morning skincare regime, after that I usually use BB Cream ( currently im using MISSHA Perfect Cover #23 ) , and Prescriptives Camouflage Cream ( best concealer EVER, my hg) , lastly topped it off with Anna Sui Loose Powder in 701.

Now onto my Nightime regime! I always do this at night before I sleep =)
1. Cleanser : SKYENDOR AQUATHERM Thermal Cleansing Gel
2. Moisturizer : DDFmed Oil Free Moisturizing Gel

3. SK - II Whitening Source

I love it. I think it whitens my skin and supposed to lighten your scars I think? But it also reduce redness. Its a bit sticky, and after I applied to my skin it will feel sooo smooth and soo nice, especially when I wake up in the morning - will be super smooth =) Rate : 4.5/5

4. Night Creme : PAYOT Les Revitalisantes CREME DE REVES

A French skincare brand. It prepares stressed skin to repair, regenerate, and relax in the night and its purple! (lavender essential oil) Smells SOOO GOOD, but the bottle is so small, but its worth the money! I don't know how to explain this, but it will make your face look dewy I guess. I really love it. Rate : 4.5/5

Thats all! Just ask me If you have any question, you know what to do!
OH and im in need of Undereye Cream, because my undereye circles are REALLY bad.
I have to apply tons of concealer in the morning to cover my tiredness. Help?

Oh and here's some pic spam haha ;D
Me using Pinkfish from hello kitty collection!
With my dog , kuma! (Japanese Spitz x Pomeranian)

So ugly, this is why i never smile with my mouth open.. rabbit tooth.

I love koji eyelashes! they are so natural!

Oh here, more singing cover from me!
Koda Kumi - Real Emotion ( from the Final Fantasy X-2 PS2 Game, yeah im a total game geek esp ff series). I made a lot of mistakes, and the second chorus lyrics are repeated.. my bad.

Click here to listen!

Thanks for reading

P.S. : To Miumiu, Heaven by Ayumi Hamasaki is a bit hard but I will try to sing it for you


EOTD : BoA's "I Did it for Love" Look!

Finally! It's done.. Sorry for being a slowpoke, but I really had no time. U_U
Hehe. For today's look, I was inspired by BoA's new music video ' I Dit it for Love!'
I thought to myself ,
'She looks so pretty in this MV...'
Actually I know it's just a regular smoky eyes LOL. Just to make everyone excited! Muahaha.
If you haven't seen the video, here it is!

Cool isn't it? I can't wait till the album's out.. She's just too talented.
Anyways, this look is an evening make up, because it's just too much for a day make up.
Try it if you want the sexy eyes look~
First, Im using KATE BK-1, my favourite japanese brand palette for black smoky eyes =)

First, use a primer all over the lid, I'm using BENEFIT F.Y EYE PRIMER, since they don't have UDPP here in aussie =( really want it. Anyways, apply color #1 (creamy), not too much! They are glittery.

After that, use color #2 all over your eye sockets and under your eyebrows for highlight.

And then, color #3 to half of the highlights before.

You know the next one, apply the dark color #4 at the outer corner of your eyes.

Last but not least, line your eyes with darkest color #5 (eyeliner subtitute) and also 1/3 of your lower lashline. Don't forget to darken your eyemakeup with this color if you feel it's not dark enough.

Curl and apply mascara to your eyelashes if you want, but I will go for false eyelashes this time.
I use KOJI eyelashes and their clear eyelash glue. Their eyelashes are so natural, but quite expensive.. 10 bucks.

Enjoy your new BoA-inspired look!

( Really, it changes my image lol, i hardly do make up like this before.. )

(sorry for the flat hair - just came back from school)

Oh, and for the singing request :
here is an english song : My Medicine NANA Soundtrack =) Enjoy! (Click Here)
You can download too if you want.. I don't know why but nakashima mika's accent got into me in this song.. Im not usually like this XDDDD

Thanks for reading!


New Layout + My Singing.

As you can see, I updated my layout!
(although this background makes this blog looks like a food blog hehe)
And I changed my banner into a new one! Yay!
It looks a lot gloomier than before lol, but I love this picture.
It was taken by my bf, thanks honey *chu*
Do you think this layout a keeper? Or I should change a new one?

Oh and I signed up to this cute site, PUPE.
Its so cute! But I still don't really know what to do.. Haha.
I will do a make up tutorial soon, I just don't have time,
as you can see at the right sidebar, I posted the 'next' section to
check out what will I post next!

I will try to imitate BoA's make up in her new American PV
" I Did it for Love"

I am no guru, that's why I wanna try the best I can!

Can't wait to see the full PV. Don't you agree?
Anyways I don't want to keep you all feel bored of my blog~
So, to stall until I can post the tutorial, here are some song I sang in the past,
feel free to hear!

Just click it to play the song,
Aishou is a slow song from Koda (love her), I really like this song. Its recent recording.
P.S. : I recorded myself with my laptop xD That's why it sounded quite noisy / not good quality.



Snacks Snacks Snacks

Hi all! This post is not beauty related, but anyways..
Today I went to the asian supermarket and look what I got !

HEAPS OF SNACKS, especially the Japanese ones.
Yes, I'm a big sucker for packaging. Hahaha - but they do taste good!
Especially the Caramel Macchiato flavoured Kit Kat and the red bean ones. Mmm~

Okay all I can say is :


Many people don't believe this, but I eat more than the guys.
I gain weight quite easily, that's why I will then stop eating like pig and diet like crazy until someone said to me,

"You are fatter."

The three magic words.
I don't know about you guys, but those words really stab me in the heart. HARD.
I think about what people say to me, I'm not the type that can ignore those kinda stuff..
Anyways, Im back to my normal weight now.. ( Before summer holiday I was 58 kg / 116 lbs ) which is 53 kg / 106 lbs. That's because someone said those magic words to me before and I started going to gym and control my eating habit. I really can't starve myself, because I just love food so much! I love every cuisine, Japanese - Korean - Indonesian - Malaysian - Chinese - Indian - Italian - French - Portuguese, anything!

I eat more than most guys I know.
Sometimes they're shocked. Especially my boyfriend..
But he's used to it anyways, haha. I eat the same portion as him, and he eats a lot.
My friends at school call me pig pig.. Haha, because I eat more than them!
And they are guys...

I need to control my eating habit or I will become fat.. Again .. Oh and here, a couple of pics of me and my bf having fun on Skype x)
(long distance relationship. well not really LD, he's only 1 hour away with plane. xD)



P.S. : Oh I will post more beauty related posts soon! I promise! I just have so many assignments right now.


EOTD : Toned Down Ageha Look

Hi! Now I'm going to first my first tutorial! Yay yay yay!
I'm sorry If its so bad, because Im really a newbie, sorry =(
But I will try hard =)
This is an Ageha (Hime-Gyaru) Inspired look, and Its toned down! Yay!
Because the original one is too much for everyday make up! ^^;
First, here are the tools used in this look ( I only do eye make up!)

1. BOBBI BROWN Shimmer Brick Compact in BRONZE
2. BENEFIT 'Birthday Suit' Creaseless Cream

3. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack + MAC Brush #266

Here is the inside palette =) (Its a bit too shimmery *_* )

First, I use Benefit Birthday Suit for my base color.

After that, I add Bobbi Brown shade number 1 , just half the size of the base.

After that I add shimmer highlights under my eyebrows and under my eyes with shade number 2. (See Picture)

Now for the darkest color! =) Almost done! Used Bobbi Brown shade number 3~
After that, use the fluidline and carefully line ur upper eyes. I lined it abit thick in here.

It makes your eyes heaps bigger !
And for single lidders, this make-up will make you look like you have double lids!
Finished look : ( my right eye undone lol )

See the difference?
I didnt curl my lashes, but you can add false eyelashes to make it look hime-gyaru ish.

Oh and here's a bonus, my childhood pic xP I was so skinny.. ( with my father )
Do I still look the same?



My Everyday Look!

Hi again! Today I will show you my everyday / college make up =)
I always keep it simple, I never use eyeshadow for school, I find it too much of a hassle.
Especially because I have morning class (8.30) until so late in the evening, which is 6.30 p.m.!
I know, its even longer than high school hours -_-
I only use these following items :

1. MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream #23
* My favorite BB Cream ever. Less oilier than Skinfood, and yellower than BRTC ( BRTC is too pink ). I bought in shade #23 because I was afraid #21 is too light for me.

2. ANNA SUI Loose Powder 701
* My favorite loose powder. Smells so nice ! ( well, all Anna Sui products do )

3. ANNA SUI Powder Foundation 701
* I love this! It comes with a purple sponge. So small and handy, I use this to set my BB cream
4. NARS Orgasm Blush
* My favorite blush ever. IMO, better than my mac and chanel blushes. The only con is that It kinda shatters everywhere - not recommended If you want to define your cheekbones.

5. STILA #31 Retractable Brush
* I use it for powder brush, but the guy at MECCA counter said it can also be used for blush. It's pretty good!

6. BLOOM Lip Tint in Cinnamon
* My favorite lip product! I've emptied 2 lip tints, and this is my third. Love it! So natural looking and fresh!- because I don't really like to use lipsticks.. Haha. Can't leave my house without this.

7. MAC Gel Liner in Blacktrack
* I love it, but sometimes I switch to my Dior Waterproof Pencil liner too. But this doesn't really smudge.. and hard to remove!

8. MAC Brush #266
* Use this with the gel liner, great for winged eye look.

9. Deja Vu Fiberwig Mascara
* Do I need to say more about this product? Absolutely love it. My third bottle!

10. Shu Uemura Lash Curler
* Greatest ever =) Love it.

And this is the finished look!
Oh, and I try to avoid lining my lower lashline with eyeliner because I'm afraid it will smudge - I look at computers all the time which makes my eyes go watery..

Left is without BB cream and all that,
And right is my usual school look! ( both with damp hair LOL, haven't blow dry my hair..)
Sorry If It's too blur! Is it too pale this shade?
I was in a hurry U_U
But in the future, I will include step to step! ( I warn you, I am sooper noob.)




Circle Lenses!

Hi! I want to do a review about my personal favorites Circle Lenses!
I personally have been using color contacts for almost 7 years,
and I used to wear Freshlook and Freshkon.
But after discovering 'Circle Lenses' 3 years ago, I started buying them!
At first I only used Freshkon Alluring Eyes (Black) to school, everyday!
But now I'm in college, and I discovered circle lenses through online shopping.
I bought a few contacts, and my two personal favorites are:
(ignore my no make-up face - eek!)


Its very enlarging, giving the illusion of bigger eyes. But what I don't like about this lense is that it looks quite fake, so I need to use eye make up with it, or it looks weird (the picture above! -_-). But I think it looks more grey than violet itself.. Well I don't really know. It's not as comfortable as my Freshkon Alluring Eyes lenses, they dry up quite fast. Not recommended to wear if you want to go to the cinema ( TRUST ME, i was tortured for 2 hours using this in the cinema, so drying).

HONEY WINGS ( again, sorry for my ugly bare face -_- )

I really really LOVE this lenses. Probably my favorite color contacts ever. It looks so natural when worn, looks like I have natural brown eyes. I can wear it without the use of heavy make-up, because it's natural-looking. It's quite comfortable (more than nudys!) but the only thing I don't like is : that these lenses are not very enlarging.. Not reccomended for people who wants the BIG DOLLY eyes effect =)

I am thinking of getting new lenses, the Neo Cosmo Glamour Gray.
It looks so pretty!

See ya!
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